CRE@CTIVE: Innovation for Bringing Creativity to Activate Traditional Sectors in MED Area

CRE@CTIVE: Innovation for Bringing Creativity      to Activate Traditional Sectors in the      Mediterranean Area

Although the textile, footwear, and leather industries are traditionally Mediterranean, they have been facing increasing competition from Asia, alongside the economic slowdown in the past few decades. These traditional sectors are under serious threat if they fail to renew their business models quickly. Since it is challenging to compete in price or volume, they can only gain competitive advantages through product and process innovation, creative business models, and business alliances to strengthen value chains.

Accordingly, the CRE@CTIVE project is designed to boost creativity and innovation by connecting traditional sectors with creative industries that encompass crafts, design, and culture. Creative innovation will help upgrade products of these sectors, improve their positioning, and enhance their competitiveness in the global market. The project will additionally create new job opportunities, drive efficient resource use, and accelerate innovation in the region.

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November 2020 – April 2023


Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan


European Union, The European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) CBCMED, Regione Autonoma De Sardigna


€1m – €5m