JADE: Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises

JADE is creating a systemic change in the enterprise ecosystem by supporting the development of an inclusive and innovative private-sector that ultimately leads to economic growth and development across Jordan. It supports capacity building initiatives to help portfolio companies better understand their industry and connect to possible partners, experts, and customers around the world.


SMEs Making Cities Smarter

SMEs Making Cities Smarter  As cities continue to grow, so is the number of challenges they are facing. Environmental, economic or social emerging issues call for new and unproven urban solutions. The increasing need for urban innovation will r ...


Xpand Freelance Agency Program

Xpand Freelance Agency Program In 2017, the unemployment rate in Palestine reached around 30%, which created the need for new and different solutions for employment. As a result, Xpand was designed to enable the Palestinian workforce to join the fre ...


The Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)

The Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)OGDI supports entrepreneurs and investors by providing them with access to financial data available at 11 Palestinian government entities. The long term objective is to provide Palestinian startups and enterp ...