Economic Policy Dialogue

The growth of every innovative economy depends on governance mechanisms and economic policies. Innovation is fueled by the ambitions and power of people to make a change, but only if the whole ecosystem, with its laws and regulations, is modern, flexible, and innovation-friendly.

Leaders International takes the responsibility to initiate and nurture the policy dialogue with governmental bodies, ministries, and think-tanks, aiming to inform and influence economic policy in favour of the innovators of tomorrow. At the majority of developing countries, the set of rules that govern the economy and the working conditions are commonly old-fashioned and limited. Such rules and regulations need to be revised, amended, and reformed to empower those who can create change and stimulate economic growth. 

Through research and advocacy, we aim to make those regulations more responsive to the needs of globalisation and rapid technological change. With a clear vision and long experience in developing markets, we understand the rules that impact innovation and hinder its development. The list of those regulations and policies are related to exporting, open data, payment gateways, business and labour law, foreign investment promotion, and the evolution of the peer-to-peer economy.

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