Innovative Media in the Middle East and North Africa

Innovative Media in the Middle East and North Africa

In light of increased social tension and the spread of harmful media content in the MENA region, the project aims to nurture the resilience of societies in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon in the digital sphere. To achieve this, LI will bring together creative entrepreneurs, digital technology activists and media professionals to support the development of innovative media and information literacy solutions, with a special focus on tackling disinformation. Furthermore, the project will also create a cross-regional network for professional exchange and capacity building to promote innovative, high-quality reporting on conflict-related topics. Selected initiatives in the target countries will also be supported in launching innovative media campaigns.

Ultimately, the project will find innovative, localised ways to make use of the ongoing digital transformation to develop and ensure the viability of quality media in the region.


January 2022 – December 2023


Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Palestine


European Commission, Deutsche Welle Academy (DWA), Elbiro


€1m – €5m