MED Microfinance Support System for Startups ([email protected])

MED Microfinance Support System for Startups ([email protected])

Young people with promising business ideas abound in the Mediterranean region. However, young entrepreneurs encounter severe credit constraints, and gathering enough money to start or scale up their enterprises is often impossible. [email protected] wants to help young people jump that deterrent hurdle, and accordingly, will develop an innovative supporting model to facilitate access to funding for “non-bankable” people. It will target actively committed young Mediterranean people with innovative business ideas, either in the initial or consolidation stage. 

Scouting, training and funding are the three main components of [email protected] to launch new MESMEs and create new job opportunities.

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November 2019 – November 2022

Country of implementation​

Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Palestine, Lebanon


European Union, The European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) CBCMED, and Regione Autonoma De Sardigna


€1m – €5m