Sm@rt Gov: Crowd-solving for Innovation and Economic Growth in Jordan

Sm@rtGov: Crowd-solving for Innovation and Economic Growth in Jordan

In an effort to enhance the response of the Jordanian government to the economic needs of its citizens, the project aims to engage Jordanian citizens and the government in a dialogue that can ultimately lead to economic expansion and empowerment, especially among youth. In doing so, Leaders International will firstly foster the partnership between three ministries and 100 entrepreneurs through innovative initiatives that can contribute to economic growth and address the government’s innovation challenges. Secondly, Leaders International will facilitate the creation of an ‘idea Bank’ to bolster the government’s efforts in reflecting and advancing transparency, accountability, and citizen-empowerment measures.

The project takes into consideration environmental, economic, and social problems in Jordan, aiming to achieve  an inclusive economic growth that covers marginalised communities, youth, and women. By engaging citizens in participatory governance and decision makers in collaborating with citizen groups and civil society, the project will guarantee gender parity, civic engagement, youth participation, and innovation.


October 2020 – May 2022

Country of implementation​



The US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)


< €1m