Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion provides individuals and businesses with responsible, sustainable, and adequate access to financial services and products that can facilitate their transactions, payments, savings, and insurance.


Economic Policy Dialogue

The growth of every innovative economy depends on governance mechanisms and economic policies. Innovation is fueled by the ambitions and power of people to make a change, but only if the whole ecosystem, with its laws and regulations, is modern, flexible, and innovation-friendly.


Digital for Development (D4D)

While working on details, we keep an eye on the big picture. We think long-term to overcome short-term setbacks and design our projects according to “what’s next”. In the fast-paced and connected world of today, digitalisation is the catalyst to inclusive growth and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Digital defines how we see and think about the future and how we work to increase the competitiveness of developing economies, create job opportunities, and speed innovation.