Digital for Development (D4D)

While working on details, we keep an eye on the big picture. We think long-term to overcome short-term setbacks and design our projects according to “what’s next”. In the fast-paced and connected world of today, digitalisation is the catalyst to inclusive growth and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Digital defines how we see and think about the future and how we work to increase the competitiveness of developing economies, create job opportunities, and speed innovation.

The needs of our beneficiaries change, and so the development challenges of our partners. Accordingly, we focus on managing more D4D projects and initiatives that deliver measurable results and leave a long-lasting impact. We further optimise our procedures and systems to comply with the digital and technological requirements of today as well as tomorrow.

Leaders International has built a strategic advantage through digital development, realising its imperativeness as the primary tool of engagement and survival of all industries. Through its D4D solutions, Leaders International manages data-informed development, supports the entrepreneurial community, bridges the digital divide, props up the growth of e-infrastructures, facilitates access to information, promotes evidence-based decision making, and mainstreams digital technologies into governmental policies.  

We nurture developing economies by finding the right mix of innovation, policies, and development aid. Our “Open Approach” facilitates the collaboration between all actors of development, including governments, donors, academia, private sector, and civil society; bringing together all opportunities in the economy to avoid duplicated results and maximise resources. The emerging dynamics of the economy have urged us to develop D4D products like BOOST to help beneficiaries find and hire the right expertise while creating new opportunities for business development service providers. All processes at BOOST are monitored and foreseen by development cooperation agencies and implementing partners to ensure transparency and due diligence.

We understand the prominence of data as the most worthy asset of our age, so we utilise it to support innovation development and build knowledge-driven enterprises. Leaders International works with governments through projects like OGDI to highlight the value of “Open Data”, and promote information-sharing to advance economic development at a multisectoral level.

For Leaders International, D4D is not just a focus area, but an approach that we practice at all levels to support the development of all other focus areas. 

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