Ethics and Compliance

Leaders International is committed to its beneficiaries, partners, and the public by maintaining the highest standards of accountability, responsibility and civic-mindedness during the implementation of its projects. It ensures to conduct its activities for the sake of others, recognising the impact of its actions on the people it helps. Leaders International values the public’s trust, and therefore, demonstrates a responsible and supportive attitude.

Leaders International complies with all laws and regulations of the countries where it operates. Its operational, financial, and project management systems and procedures deliver the highest standards of compliance. Leaders International is a staunch advocate of transparency in managing its relationships with the public, government, partners, donors and beneficiaries, whether in technical or financial aspects. It utilises all its policies and resources to eliminate any misconduct, corruption, and abuse of power from taking place at both the organisational and projects levels.

Leaders International takes complaints seriously and urges all its beneficiaries and partners to report their complaints here

We seek partnerships based on shared values and objectives beyond the boundaries of religion, culture, and ethnicity. It is our policy to guarantee no violations of any person’s fundamental human rights. We recognise that all people are born free and equal in dignity. We are also respectful of the moral and cultural values of the communities we serve. Our code of conduct does not tolerate any form of exploitation or abuse of any person who engages with Leaders International and its projects. 

We harness our resources and efforts to develop economies that appraise women and men equally, and recognise that women rights are vital to achieving sustainable development. Accordingly, we promote women engagement and encourage the development of women-led initiatives.