Who We Are

Leaders International is a forward-thinking economic development organisation that brings together governments, community groups and private sector partners to work on various projects across the Middle East and Africa. 

With offices In Brussels, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia, we create partnerships that bridge the gap between east and west in order to create new opportunities and resources, and accelerate the growth of underdeveloped and developing economies.

Our Mission

Fueled by passion and knowledge, we unlock tomorrow’s potential today. We harness every resource and opportunity to create more resources and more opportunities in developing nations across the MENA region.

We think future and act now. In a world of uncertainty, conflict and economic challenges, we understand the significance of bringing what’s next. We look beyond the obvious to create an alternative, better future with higher standards of living.

We equip those who can envision the future to stand alone. It is our responsibility to identify, lead, and support them in bringing their vision to life. Global partners witness our impact through those we enable to do the impossible and make great strides to move forward and thrive.

Our expertise lies in our ability to bring together ideas, actions, and results towards progressive and sustainable economies.

Our Organization

Leaders International, headquartered in Brussels, with local offices in Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia, is an international organisation that specialises in planning, managing, and monitoring innovation and economic development interventions in developing economies.

We were established in 2004 with a vision to deliver prosperity and economic growth to people across the Middle East and Africa.

Through our global network of partners, Leaders International delivers professional project-management services with a particular focus on private-sector development, job creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, and access to markets.

We manage a multi-million active portfolio of development grants and service contracts with which we aim to advance and transform developing economies while respecting the environmental, ethical, and social values of those we serve. 

Leaders International has one primary goal: ensuring the access of beneficiaries to the necessary means and resources for development and economic prosperity.

Our Values

Our core value system not only represents what we stand for but also guides our partners and beneficiaries in carrying out their roles:

  • Providing equal opportunities without discriminating against organisations or individuals based on racial background, gender, geographic location, culture, religious belief, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • We are accountable and responsible for the results of our work, and its impact on our beneficiaries, communities, partners and clients.
  • Innovation is at the heart of our mission and strategic success; our projects respond to rapid technological change and the evolving economic needs of our partners.
  • We are committed to ethical behaviour, integrity, and transparency in all our operations, procedures, and relationships with partners and beneficiaries.
  • We are insight-driven and results-oriented to achieve excellence and drive positive change.

Our Approach

We specialise in economic development, which includes development of MSMEs, entrepreneurship and innovative solutions, tourism value chains, employability and in-demand skills

While we are a non-profit oprganisation, we bring consultancy company-style expertise to all of our programmes and offer our partners results-based project management.

This approach is atypical of an NGO, and represents a more dynamic, rounded, and progressive attitude that, we believe, leads to better and more tangible outcomes.