Communication for Economic Development

Communication is the economy’s engine for change and its gateway to new resources and opportunities. It connects key players in the economy, promotes their dialogue, and informs their policies. It empowers marginalised communities and gives them a voice to influence the decisions that affect their enterprises and their livelihoods.

Our communication interventions in innovation, tourism, and economic development expand from managing advocacy campaigns to promoting positive change and raising awareness of different socio-economic issues.  We see various forms of communications as complementary but necessary tactics to expedite the progress of economic development and achieve sustainable development goals. We leverage diverse communication tactics to change behaviour, produce and disseminate information, engage  stakeholders, and facilitate dialogue.

Leaders International capitalises on an extensive local and global network of experts and partners to  inspire through human-interest stories and educate through insightful assessment and research. In doing so, we pay acute attention to media preferences of different audiences, the local context, and the specific needs of vulnerable communities. 

Delivering measurable impact across different sectors is the core of our communication interventions, whether through empowering women, fostering entrepreneurial cultures, marketing destinations, or promoting public-private partnerships. Communication for economic development is always our force multiplier to deliver results that guarantee social inclusion and instigate change.

Our experience in managing and delivering communication activities includes but is not limited to the below:

  • Project visibility and branding
  • Awareness and behaviour change communication
  • Advocacy and policy dialogue
  • Public diplomacy and outreach
  • Destination marketing and travel PR
  • Trade promotion
  • Marketing communications support for beneficiaries

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