Putting our knowledge and skills into practice is our core advantage when undertaking innovation and economic development projects in developing countries.

We utilise the best tools and resources to provide complete, highly-professional project management and implementation services. We pride ourselves on our ability to plan, deliver, and measure impact while generating insights and experiences that others can add to and learn from to achieve sustainable development.

Our project designs and methodologies are insight-driven, strategic, ethical, responsible and transparent. We strongly believe in collaboration with partners from all sectors and at all levels to achieve project goals and objectives in the best way possible.

Our team of experts is incredibly experienced and well-versed in problem-solving, and is passionate about creating change, improving lives, and transforming economies.

We embrace and share the vision of our partners with a focus on results and human stories.

We see change through the eyes of our beneficiaries.

We view success through the eyes of our partners.

Through implementation, we continuously identify problems and make adjustments according to the needs of our partners and beneficiaries.


We conduct economic research, assessments, analysis, and mapping of different sectors to study, identify and interpret economic development factors and indicators in developing countries.

The high-quality data this generates guides us into delivering actionable and measurable recommendations. It also informs and initiates dialogue on economic policy, and provides our partners with concrete evidence to make informed decisions.

Our researchers are well-seasoned in conducting quantitative and qualitative research to support implementation – as well as planning of – future development projects.

Advisory (Counsel) & Strategy

Through available industry reports, extensive research, constant evaluation, and long experience in the market, Leaders International offers exceptional consulting and strategy services.

The highly-professional team at Leaders International is practised at building strategies that plan long and deliver now. The knowledge that the team disseminates is always well-studied to meet the needs of partners and beneficiaries and facilitate their decision-making process.

Capacity Building & Skills Training

As part of our efforts to propel innovation and elevate thriving economies, we invest in the power and talent of the people, leaders and innovators of the future.

We pay close attention to those who possess great ideas but may lack the skills and capabilities to move forward. We continuously look for motivated talents who yearn to implement their newfound knowledge, unleash disruptive technologies and take part in global trade.   

We specialise in designing and implementing advanced capacity enhancement programs to address prevalent skill gaps in the market. Our targeted audience includes university students, entrepreneurs, business founders, workers at small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), business mentors and coaches, freelancers and business consultants.

Additionally, we fortify the capabilities of diverse organizations within the value chains of multiple sectors, such as business associations, chambers of commerce, business development service providers, business incubators and accelerators.

Our methods for enhancing capabilities in various economic fields range from technical skills training to inspirational seminars led by accomplished entrepreneurs. We also provide experiential learning opportunities with on-the-job training, online education platforms, hackathons and boot camps.

Technical and Financial Firm-Level Assistance

Our pool of experts is vast and global. It is comprised of hundreds of experts that we chose for the diversity of their expertise and knowledge in different sectors of the economy.

They have acquired their experience in both developed and underdeveloped economies, bringing numerous thoughts, ideas, and skills to our work.

This team has the capacity to offer business and product development support, market research, marketing and communications solutions, quality and ISO certifications. They also assist SMEs with digital transformation and access to technology, finance, legal services, machinery, equipment and other important business essentials.

We are dedicated to building the enduring capacity of enterprises, ranging from micro to large-scale, by offering bespoke solutions to address major hurdles to competitiveness. Our methodology enhances the availability of necessary skills and resources along the value chain of an enterprise, specifically focusing on small businesses, which often have less access to support and capacity building.

We have also pioneered a unique firm-level support solution named BOOST, an innovative marketplace for enterprise advisory and technical assistance services across the region. Developed as a solution to the challenges posed by traditional Firm Level Assistance (FLA) programs, BOOST offers a customizable, transparent, and dependable experience in providing technical support to firms and startups. Designed strategically for flexibility, it responds effectively to changing conditions and external factors affecting our stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

As part of our efforts to provide the best possible service, we have developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system. We utilise it to monitor the performance of the projects we manage and measure the value of the impact we bring to life.

Alongside this, we offer a variety of SME diagnostic solutions, including carbon footprint calculation. This can help to give us a clear benchmark before embarking on a new project.

Our M&E team crafts comprehensive plans for monitoring, evaluation, and learning for each project. These plans enable the technical team to plan, manage, and document the progress made towards achieving project objectives and contractual requirements.

The data we gather and share offers us, our partners, and other development actors insightful details about the outcomes and impacts of our initiatives.

We measure our impact through predetermined benchmarks and specific indicators we strive to attain for each project. Throughout this process, we consistently collect and contrast data over the project’s lifespan.

Employing iterative monitoring, we engage stakeholders, assess results, pinpoint gaps, re-evaluate targets, and propose actionable steps. This process not only informs decisions but also refines our operations to further maximise our positive impact within the markets we serve.

Quality Assurance

It is our priority to make sure and guarantee that our beneficiaries receive the support they need in the best manner through the deliverables of the project. We are happy to share testimonials and case studies to prospective partners whenever they wish.

Our local partners in each country adhere to predetermined standard procedures and fulfill all reporting and auditing obligations as stipulated by the project. We scrutinise the execution of activities, associated information, and transactions to evaluate cooperative implementation. And this is accomplished by conducting meticulous quality assurance audits.

Project Visibility, Outreach and Impact Promotion

Recognising the vital role of communication in the success of any project, we devise strategic visibility and outreach plans that maximise exposure and influence of our initiatives at the national, regional and international level.

We employ a variety of tools and channels, such as digital and social media, networking events, conferences and exhibitions, press tours and awareness campaigns, to ensure that the projects we handle are seen and heard by the intended audience. This not only heightens awareness but also bolsters the impact of our projects, catalysing positive change and sustainable development.

Moreover, we have an unwavering commitment to promoting the long-lasting impact of our projects. We craft compelling narratives showcasing the tangible outcomes and profound transformations made possible through our work, and share these with our beneficiaries, partners, and the larger global community.

By doing so, we generate awareness, inspire action, and foster a culture of shared success and mutual progress. These stories of impact serve as a testament to our dedication and effectiveness, influencing the trajectory of future projects and policies and reaffirming our position as a leader in the realm of innovation, sustainable tourism, and economic development.