Digital Transformation

Today’s necessity is not only the mother of invention, but of digital transformation, innovation, and the adoption of new habits. When fighting COVID-19 became the world’s top priority, the virus also became the number one accelerator of digital transformation.

Digital transformation (or DX) can be viewed through two lenses: at one level it is about upskilling individuals to use and exploit the capabilities of new technologies. At another, it requires organisations, businesses and governments to adopt new practices that will make them safer, more efficient, and better equipped for the demands of tomorrow. Leaders International supports both strands.

In the coming years, development will be driven and led by the transformation in lifestyles, consumption behaviour, and evolving market demands that are happening today. The ongoing shifts will bring about new opportunities and modalities for startups, SMEs, freelancers, gig economy workers, and micro-businesses.

Today, the world realises more than ever that digitisation is imperative, and that enterprises with the digital capacity to run the economy safely are the ones best placed to expand and scale into new markets.

Leaders International seeks to grasp development opportunities by studying the new trends and development needs that shape the forthcoming innovation scene, with a focus on supporting industries with the biggest potential to grow.

Digital products that proved to be useful during the crisis are proving, in many cases, to find adoption among people post-pandemic. Consumers have learned how to use new products and ideas, realise their efficiency, and compare what we have now to less-convenient products that were once available before COVID-19. We believe many of these new habits will stick.

The interventions of Leaders International currently focus​ on generating further support and resources for enterprises as well as working with support organisations (business incubators, associations, and chambers of commerce) to strengthen their digital capabilities.


Empowerment for private, public and civil society organisations

Enterprises with zero digital services will hardly compete in the near future, and economies with weak digital infrastructures will not easily reach sustainable​ development goals in the next decade.​ 

Our approach to digital transformation is an ongoing commitment to digitally enable and empower private, public, and civil society organisations who support different sectors, especially in tourism, creative services, and manufacturing. We are also actively supporting freelance agencies, digital entrepreneurs, Smart City innovators and Fintech startups, to name but a few.

By leveraging digital technologies and adapting the service delivery mechanisms of these organisations, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will bring out the most in their inherent capacities, resources, and talent. Our involvement includes improving digital skills (and other future skills), initiating policy dialogue for an enabling environment, and creating future jobs.

Specifically, we aspire to support and transform more MSMEs and startups in the region to support sustainability and social objectives, enhance revenues, and create new job opportunities.


Accelerating Digital 4 Development projects

As the needs of our beneficiaries change, so do the development challenges of our partners. Accordingly, we now focus on managing more Digital 4 Development (D4D) projects and initiatives that deliver measurable results and leave a long-lasting impact.

We further optimise our procedures and systems to comply with the digital and technological requirements of today as well as tomorrow.

Leaders International has built a strategic advantage through digital development, realising its importance as the primary tool of engagement and survival of all industries.

Through its D4D solutions, Leaders International:

  • Manages data-informed development
  • Supports the entrepreneurial community
  • Bridges the digital divide
  • Props up the growth of e-infrastructures
  • Facilitates access to information
  • Promotes evidence-based decision making
  • And mainstreams digital technologies into governmental policies


We nurture developing economies by finding the right mix of innovation, policies, and development aid. Our “Open Approach” facilitates the collaboration between all actors of development, including governments, donors, academia, the private sector, and civil society.

In this way, we bring together all opportunities in the economy to avoid duplicated results and maximise resources. 

We understand the prominence of data as the most worthy asset of our age, so we utilise it to support innovation development and build knowledge-driven enterprises.

Leaders International works with governments through projects like OGDI to highlight the value of “Open Data”, and promote information-sharing to advance economic development at a multi-sectoral level.


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