BOOST: Marketplace and Voucher System for Enterprise Technical Assistance Delivery

BOOST: Marketplace and Voucher System for Enterprise Technical Assistance Delivery

BOOST is a unique marketplace for business and startup advisory and technical assistance services across the MENA region. It streamlines enterprise-development interventions by facilitating their linkages with vetted business service providers. It provides multiple layers of control and monitoring and evaluation tools to enable instant reporting, project snapshots, quality, and timeliness of service delivery. 

It has become the tool of choice for several governmental and non-governmental enterprise development interventions in the MENA region including projects financed by the European Union, The Republic of Korea, The Kingdom of Belgium, and Global Affairs Canada.

BOOST is our top-notch firm-level assistance delivery mechanism. It challenges and replaces traditional firm-level assistance programs in the region. 

Whether you are an economic development actor or a governmental agency, BOOST offers you a customisable, transparent, and reliable experience in facilitating the provision of technical assistance and business development services to enterprises and startups. 

We strategically designed it to respond to continually changing conditions and external factors affecting our partners and beneficiaries. It works hand-in-hand with local partners to facilitate rapid expansion and deliver a broad range of assistance across different platforms. 

Leaders International’s long and substantial experience in the delivery of outputs has led to the development of the M&E component of BOOST. Its flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to view your entire project, monitor a required level of performance, track progress, and raise efficiency.

Our experience and understanding of the challenges and risks associated with different projects have led to our development of BOOST; currently, a unique body of knowledge that we utilise in every enterprise-development intervention.

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