CERA: Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Alliance

CERA: Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Alliance

CERA aims to develop the competitiveness of local Jordanian MSMEs and enable them to integrate their products into local and global supply chains. Specifically, the project develops the competitiveness of 90 SMEs by addressing their capacity constraints to meet quality and consistency requirements of local Jordanian corporates. To do so, the project will leverage and build on the concept of corporate social responsibility to promote ‘Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility’ by creating an alliance that is focused on a shared commitment to promote the growth of smaller suppliers in underserved, non-central regions of the country.
CERA will facilitate the development of business linkages between  small enterprises and alliance members. At a scale, this approach would redistribute economic growth to other regions in the country, spurring job creation and reducing unemployment as a result.


July 2021 – July 2025




Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan


€1m – €5m


Corporate Citizenship

Aligning Business Strategy with ESG Principles

An Integrated Value Added Model