Curated Experiences: Developing Innovative and Diversified Touristic Products Across Jordan

Curated Experience: Developing Innovative and Diversified Touristic Products Across Jordan

The project aimed at reviving the once-flourishing tourism industry within Jordan, in light of the COVID-19 devastations to the sector. The project sought to improve on pre-existing weaknesses in the Jordanian tourism sector, namely the dependence on the ‘Golden Triangle’ consisting of Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba, which hindered the sector’s resilience to unforeseen events.

In doing so, Leaders International enhanced the competitiveness of the industry through diversifying touristic offerings and adapting to recent traveling trends, such as solo traveling.

Moreover, the project built the capacity of travel-experience operators through different support mechanisms, business linkages, and training programs to enable them to provide curated experiences to inbound and local travelers.

At the industry level, the project cooperated with Jordanian tourism associations to promote Jordan’s cultural, historical, and natural diversity. Local authorities were also involved in expanding Jordan’s current tourist base, mitigating risks associated with limited product offerings, and enhancing local tourism through increased quantity and quality of products and offerings.

Accordingly, Leaders International did not merely focus on the innovation and product development side but marketed the new travel experiences and leveraged its outreach channels to speak to the needs of the modern traveler, in Jordan and abroad.


November 2020 – October  2023




Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan


€1m – €5m


Policy Brief on Key Impediments to Improve the Tourism Sector in Jordan

International Tourism Outlook Report

Social Listening and Monitoring