Digital Avenue: Bridging Divide of Jordanians Access to Global Digital

Digital Avenue: Bridging Divide of Jordanians’ Access to Global Digital

The digital job market and virtual work environments are currently flourishing at a global level. COVID19 is accelerating the process by offering new job opportunities for young entrepreneurs who possess the needed digital skills of today. 

The Digital Avenue project grasps this opportunity to advance the engagement of Jordanian talent in digital work in order to create equitable jobs for youth and women, while developing a sustainable and resilient model for the future.

Throughout the project, Leaders International will not only enhance entrepreneurial skills for digiwork, but will also facilitate the access of Jordanian digiworkers to global digital opportunities. 

About 500 Jordanians will be enrolled in an advanced training programme mentorship, and business development support online to pursue their digital career. Their expertise will also be promoted through a dedicated freelance marketplace, and connected with employers from around the world. 

To support the technical objectives of the project, Leaders International seeks to promote and foster the digiwork culture in Jordan, and promote it at a global level.

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October 2020 – September 2022




US Department of State (DOS) Jordan


< €1 million