Digital Financial Services (DFS): Promoting Financial Inclusion and Enhancing Access to Digital Payment Solutions

Digital Financial Services (DFS)


The Digital Financial Services (DFS) project is a two-phase initiative aimed at facilitating the adoption of digital financial services in Palestine. It focuses on promoting financial inclusion, enhancing access to digital payment solutions, and encouraging economic growth through innovative partnerships and targeted interventions.


  1. Increase the adoption and usage of digital financial services among MSMEs and underserved segments.
  2. Facilitate innovative partnerships to enable the rollout of new digital products and services.
  3. Drive the adoption of digital payments among MSMEs and underserved segments through pay-for-results awards.
  4. Enhance monitoring and evaluation to track the impact of DFS measures.
  5. Promote gender inclusivity and empower marginalised groups such as women, youth, and the unbanked through tailored DFS solutions.

The DFS project employs a diverse range of activities, including market research to inform digital payment solution design, technical assistance and funding through partnerships, and implementation of pay-for-results awards to drive digital payment adoption. Additionally, efforts are made to enhance monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for intervention effectiveness and sustainability. Strategic activities also include market research, comprehensive support for monitoring and evaluation across the project portfolio, and coordination of impactful learning events. On-the-ground support ensures seamless project implementation as needed.

Adopting a human-centred approach, the project prioritises the needs and preferences of end-users, particularly MSMEs and underserved communities. By comprehensively understanding their challenges and requirements, the DFS project aims to develop customised solutions that address specific barriers to digital financial services adoption and usage. 

At its core, DFS aims to increase the growth of Palestine’s digital economy by advancing financial inclusion and empowering marginalised groups. Through the strategic utilisation of innovative partnerships and targeted interventions, the project strives to develop a sustainable ecosystem for digital financial services, thereby driving economic growth and enhancing livelihoods in Palestine. 


November 2022 – February 2025




The eTrade Alliance and The Palladium Group (US)


< €1m