Entrepreneurship Champions: Boosting Entrepreneurial Perceptions, Intentions and Motivations in Jordan

Entrepreneurship Champions: Boosting Entrepreneurial Perceptions, Intentions and Motivations in Jordan.


The ‘Entrepreneurship Champions’ is a 10-month project that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship in Southern Jordan particularly Aqaba, Ma’an, Tafilah, and Karak. The primary objective at the heart of this project is to enhance entrepreneurship engagement among Jordanians, with a focus on youth and women.

Employing a strategic approach, the project is determined to dismantle common entrepreneurial misconceptions and create an environment that supports startups. However, the driving force of this transformation are the local entrepreneurs themselves, who play an essential role in this project and its objectives. They are not just driving economic growth, but also behavioural change through sharing their success stories and openly discussing challenges and opportunities, all with the aim of sparking determination in the younger generation. Within their own communities, these local entrepreneurs rise as role models and advocates of entrepreneurship and the project will empower them to directly engage with policymakers and address the pressing issues surrounding the Jordanian startup scene.

Integral to this project are comprehensive social and behavioural change campaigns and techniques, driven by a profound recognition of the need to reshape societal attitudes and behaviours in favour of entrepreneurship. These campaigns will inspire youth and women to think of entrepreneurship as an employment option and create a supportive environment to do so. An entrepreneurial landscape in Jordan will thrive as a result, contributing to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


November 2023 – August 2024




GIZ and Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship 


< €1m