EuroMed Clusters Forward (ECF): Enhancing Cluster Cooperation with the South Neighbourhood Countries

EuroMed Clusters Forward (ECF): Enhancing Cluster Cooperation with the South Neighbourhood Countries

The COVID-19 pandemic, though devastating, presents an opportunity for greater alliances between markets to accompany the expected regionalisation of value chains, as well as greener, sustainable and more inclusive development in the context of the post-crisis recovery.

Clusters are by definition hubs for the collaboration among multiple innovation stakeholders. They help foster innovation and competitiveness of member companies and assist them in overcoming several institutional constraints that obstruct their efficiency. The role of these clusters is currently being identified as a top priority in many of the national economic strategies of Mediterranean countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

The overall objective of the project is to empower clusters in promoting inclusive innovation and competitiveness in the Euromed region with a view to enhancing growth, economic diversification, sustainable development, and employment.

Firstly, ECF will work on improving the regulatory framework of these clusters by collaborating with the public sector to adopt and improve specific measures and policies for clusters in the region; ultimately, increasing their contribution to economic development and innovation.

Secondly, it will build the capabilities of the clusters themselves so they can provide member companies with top-quality services and more opportunities for growth and job creation. Finally, the project will activate Euromed value chains as well as encourage and support the creation of more cluster alliances in multiple regional value chains.


April 2022 – April 2026


Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia 


European Commission and ANIMA Investment Network


€5m – €10m