Fastforward Accelerator Programme

Fastforward Accelerator Programme

The Fast Forward Acceleration Program was not only the sole startup accelerator in Palestine but also one that rose above its peers in the region by providing an unmatched experience that enabled startups to progress from the idea stage to the market quickly. 

The program took startups to the Seed A investment stage by providing them with sustainable access to finance, business, and legal services, and an international pool of experts. The development and training initiatives in the program helped portfolio companies better understand their industries, connect with possible partners and clients, and attract further funding at a global scale.

Fastforward is considered Leaders International’s powerful platform that equipped Palestinian startups with the expertise and qualifications they needed to upgrade their innovation and approach venture capital investors. The program became a core component in every project that aimed to advance innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies in Palestine. In a very short time, Fastforward was able to graduate hundreds of Palestinian startups that had now paved their way to the regional and international markets.


Since Nov 2015



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