FUEL-IT: Economic Empowerment of Young Women and Men in Palestine

FUEL-IT: Economic Empowerment of Young Women and Men in Palestine

FUEL-IT was a two-year project designed and implemented by Leaders International to enhance the economic empowerment and prosperity of young women and men in Palestine.

One of the project’s main goals was to create more opportunities for young entrepreneurs, particularly females, and reduce their barriers to entrepreneurship.

The project successfully allowed young entrepreneurs and startups to develop their international outlook, mainstream gender policies into their operations, and facilitated their access to finance, capacity building, and business development services.

Thirty startup teams benefited from the project, 50% of which were led by young women. Half of the startups received funding to grow their businesses, and 30% of the women-led startups successfully made it to the second round of investment.


January 2018 – December 2019




Global Affairs Canada


< €1m