GOALS: Governance for Achieving Local Strategies for Tourism

Governance for Achieving Local Strategies for Tourism (GOALS)

The Mediterranean region is the leading destination for tourism worldwide, receiving 30% of tourist arrivals.

While Med countries reaped corresponding economic gains, they also struggled with inevitable environmental costs. GOALS, therefore, aimed to create a balance between competitiveness and sustainability in tourism development by integrating the “Total Quality Management” model and its application to the creation of new tourism packages and itineraries.

To achieve this, the project worked across the value chain, supporting institutions like tourism boards, associations, and chambers of commerce with governance, planning, and management. At the same time, GOALS also worked directly with SMEs and local communities by providing capacity-building activities to increase competitiveness.


January 2014 – December 2016




European Union, ENPI CBC Med, and Regione Autonomy della Sardegna


€1m – €5m