RESET: RESults Enabling Transitions

RESET: RESults Enabling Transitions

In light of the Mediterranean region’s employment and environmental distress, RESET aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, inclusive economy that works for everyone. To do so, the project aims to foster and support an enabling environment and entrepreneurial ecosystem for green and circular businesses to maximise economic, environmental, and social impact.

RESET will gather, analyse, and synthesise learnings and best-practises regarding what works in the green business support field and upstream this knowledge accordingly. 

The project will work with local, national, and regional stakeholders to create strategies, policies, and regulation to stimulate the green economy. It will also support recently-funded EU projects to directly capitalise on the knowledge generated by ENI CBC MED projects to ensure the results of previous projects are woven into the design and methodology of ongoing interventions.

LI will lead all communication activities of the project in the Mediterranean to amplify the visibility of the project and the ENI CBC MED Programme, demonstrating value for money and promoting impact. 

Our intervention will rely on the development of a regional communications strategy to guarantee and encourage cooperation between partners, in addition to setting an exploitation strategy to share knowledge and capitalise on project results to inform public policy.

These strategies will be implemented through the production and dissemination of  multilingual promotional material, media campaigns, and policy awareness events.


December 2021 – December 2023


Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia 


European Union, the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) CBCMED, and Regione Autonoma De Sardigna


€1m – €5m

News and Announcements

May 19 – Website and content management

The Project website will showcase the Project and be a knowledge hub for the creation and support of sustainable green businesses across the MED. It will engage stakeholders from EU Projects, and local, national and regional actors. The Project’s social media will generate the interest and connections to drive traffic to the website and to also raise the profile of RESET.

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May 19 – Develop two Dissemination strategies

Develop a two-pronged dissemination strategy. The first will engage local and national stakeholders and the second work at the regional-level. The Dissemination Strategy will also work generally to disseminate the work to relevant sector stakeholders across the region and beyond.

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Apr 7 – Communication Materials

The objective of this task is to ensure that the Project is communicated effectively and
widely to the defined target groups and successfully raises awareness of the best ways to support sustainable and green business creation and capitalise this knowledge in local, national and regional strategies and policies.

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