Skills4Work II: Localising Demand Driven Skills Development for the Empowerment of Jordanians and Refugee Host Communities

Skills4Work II: Localising Demand Driven Skills Development for the Empowerment of Jordanians and Refugee Host Communities

A 3-year project with a primary focus on localising demand-driven skills development to empower both refugees and Jordanian host communities. The core objectives of the project encompass the following areas:

  • Improve employability skills for refugees and host communities.
  • Develop the capacities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to create new job opportunities.
  • Enhance the skills and expertise of stakeholders in the employment and private sector development (PSD) ecosystem.
  • Advocate for local, sustainable solutions to ensure decent and sustainable livelihoods for refugees and host communities.
  • Promote gender inclusivity to empower refugees and host communities in Jordan.

To attain these objectives, Skills4Work II delivers a range of services to its beneficiaries. This includes offering targeted skills development to refugees and host communities, equipping them with in-demand knowledge and expertise. Simultaneously, the project provides support to SMEs, which are recognized as the primary drivers of job creation, through business development services. Notably, Skills4Work II places a strong emphasis on gender inclusivity, striving to empower women and refugees to meet the demands of the local job market.

The project is also committed to enhancing the capacities of national stakeholders, including vocational training centres (VTC), sector skills councils (SSC), and community-based organisations (CBO). This emphasis on capacity building is intended to ensure their active participation beyond the project’s duration.

By adopting a human rights-based approach and placing significant importance on gender equality the project actively integrates environmental considerations and sustainable practices to drive positive change and create lasting impact on beneficiaries’ lives.

At the strategic level, Skills4Work II addresses the critical issue of unemployment in Jordan, particularly in the private sector, offering hope to refugees and host communities. The project’s rationale for supporting SMEs as a means to empower refugees is grounded in the logic of facilitating sustainable employment opportunities. By enhancing the capacities of SMEs, Skills4Work II aims to generate more job opportunities and create new employment positions within the local job market. Boosting the competitiveness of the private sector provides a more practical solution than solely equipping refugees with skills and expecting them to secure jobs in a market with limited opportunities.


October 2023 – September 2026

Country ​



Regional Development and Protection Programme for Jordan and Lebanon (RDPP III) 


€1m – €5m