The Business Start-up Incubator Support Program (BSIS)

The Business Start-up Incubator Support Program (BSIS)  

BSIS supports the development of a dynamic and vibrant private sector through supporting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSMEs constitute 97% of all enterprises in the Palestinian economy and generate 87% of employment opportunities in the private sector.

Through the project, Leaders International has been able to facilitate the creation of 120 MSMEs through incubation, skills development, and access to finance, and therefore, enhancing their competitiveness, financial sustainability, and capacity to employ more Palestinians. 

To achieve best results, Leaders International has built and increased the capacity of organisations that provide support services to startups during the pre-incubation and incubation phases, including business centres and women and youth organisations. It has further developed the capabilities and expertise of 5 incubators and created hundreds of accredited business advisors, coaches, and mentors. The BOOST voucher system, developed by Leaders International, has been used to facilitate the process for entrepreneurs to get access to professional business development and advisory services. 

Ultimately, through Leaders International extensive network in Palestine, target MSMEs with promising business potential have been provided with sustainable access to finance.


September 2015 – June 2019




Enabel – Belgian Development Agency


€1m – €5m