The Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)

The Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)

OGDI supported entrepreneurs and investors by providing them with access to financial data available at 11 Palestinian government entities.

The long-term objective was to provide Palestinian startups and enterprises with open data that would help them study and adapt to market changes.

Through this product, Leaders International aimed to promote the values and benefits of “Open Data” and facilitate the public’s access to information that enabled them to make informed business decisions.

Open data allowed entrepreneurs and even large businesses to get access to a vast amount of information to understand the market better and assess the potential for investment and growth. This data-driven strategy ultimately generated new projects, initiatives, and research, and therefore, accelerated economic development and innovation.

To that date, a network of eight governmental institutions had committed to sharing their information and data sets through OGDI’s online platform.


Since January 2017



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