Euromed Clusters Forward: Jordan ICT Connect Learning Exhibition – A Resounding Success!

The Jordan ICT Connect Learning Exhibition has concluded with remarkable success, thanks to the contributions of incredible speakers, engaged participants, and the support from partners such as Int@j, Berytech, and ANIMA. The event was a significant milestone, marked by the exploration of the latest trends, sharing of valuable insights, and creating meaningful connections among clusters participating from the MENA region and GCC countries. These interactions have ignited hopes for collaborations that could transform the future of ICT in Jordan and beyond.

Over the 3 days, the spirit of collaboration and innovation was solid. Participants left with a renewed sense of purpose to continue learning, growing, and driving positive change within the industry and their communities. 

The exhibition kicked off with the first day at the Xpand Conference, where delegates from the MENA region attended sessions on diverse tech topics ranging from AI technologies to product management. These sessions empowered delegates by enhancing their knowledge of human-centric technologies and enabling them to develop their work further. With over 2000 attendees from the ICT sector, the event provided opportunities for participants to level up their skills as product builders and network with industry peers.

Day 2 of Jordan ICT Connect was a storm of inspiration and collaboration at the King Hussein Business Park. Delegates visited GamingLab, FabLab, and Ipark, where they were impressed by the innovative technology and contributions to the Jordanian market. These visits sparked discussions and ideas for future collaborations between labs in Jordan and the MENA region, promising a bright future for joint technological advancements.

The final day of the exhibition offered an enlightening journey through Jordan’s tech innovation landscape. The first stop was the University of Jordan, where participants delved into the university-supported tech initiatives, highlighting the critical role of public education in nurturing groundbreaking ideas. The next visit was to the Orange Digital Village, where the Orange team showcased their efforts and projects that propel tech startups forward in the market. The day concluded at School42, a revolutionary hub of tech education challenging conventional norms in Jordan’s tech sector.

Reflecting on the learning exhibition, Jordan ICT Connect has left a mark on all participants. The event has set the stage for ongoing collaboration, innovation, and growth within the ICT industry, both in Jordan and across the MENA region. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the journey of transformation continues with Euromed Clusters Forward Project.

Full event video