LI and CPF Sign Collaboration Agreement to Support CERA Project in Jordan

Leaders International for Economic Development (LI) and the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) have officially entered into a collaboration agreement to sustain the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Alliance (CERA) project in Jordan. Supported by funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this partnership underscores a shared commitment to encouraging social responsibility and strengthening local supply chains within the Kingdom.

The agreement was signed by the country manager of Leaders International, Hamzeh Shamaileh and CEO of CPF, Tamam Mango, marking the commencement of this impactful collaboration. Under the four-year CERA project, LI and CPF aim to incentivise major Jordanian companies to prioritise sourcing intermediate goods from local suppliers, thereby supporting the growth of smaller enterprises.

Dr. Tamam Mango, CEO of the Crown Prince Foundation, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential impact, stating, “Our aim through this partnership is to advance economic and social objectives, with a particular emphasis on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.” Mr. Hamzeh Shamaileh, LI’s Country Manager in Jordan, reflects Dr. Mango’s sentiments, highlighting the partnership’s role in enhancing economic and social benefits for Jordanian MSMEs and companies. “Through joint efforts, we aspire to be an engine of positive change, addressing challenges such as access to finance and skill development,” he remarked.

This collaboration signifies a shared vision for a brighter future, where local companies play a crucial role in international supply chains, boosting growth and sustainability within the business sector. Through effective collaboration, Leaders International and the Crown Prince Foundation are poised to facilitate positive change, driving economic growth and social development in Jordan.