Rest@rts: Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Rest@rts: Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

As an extension to our MEDSt@rts project, Rest@rts promotes, fosters, and facilitates access to finance and entrepreneurship among Mediterranean countries’ disenfranchised, unemployed youth, many of whom often face credit constraints upon starting or scaling their enterprise. By capitalizing on findings and outputs from MEDSt@rts and other ENI initiatives, Rest@rts will provide technical guidelines and tools including the creation of an online platform that acts as a marketplace for both financial and non-financial services such as microfinance and business development, respectively.

LI will lead all communication activities of the project in the Mediterranean to amplify the visibility of the project and the ENI CBC MED Programme, demonstrating value for money and promoting impact. Our intervention will rely on the development of a regional communications strategy to guarantee and encourage cooperation between partners, in addition to setting an exploitation strategy to share knowledge and capitalise on project results to inform public policy. These strategies will be implemented through the production and dissemination of  multilingual promotional material, media campaigns, and policy awareness events. 

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December 2021 – December 2023


Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Palestine, Lebanon


European Union, European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) CBC MED Programme, Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce


€1m – €5m

News and Announcements

Jan 6 – Auditing Services

Rest@rts aims to reinforce the Med Microfinance network system for start-ups by promoting economic and social development and supporting innovative start-ups and recently established MSMEs.

Rest@rts’ main objective is to contribute to stimulating growth and improving the business ecosystem in the Euro-Med area facilitating, enlarging, and strengthening access to credit. The project achieves this objective directly by broadening the finance options available and improving understanding of the full range of financing instruments. The project’s work packages are going to encourage discussion among stakeholders about new approaches and innovative policies for SME and entrepreneurship financing.

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