Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that your device stores when you visit a website. Those files contain information related to your actions and behaviour on the site you visit. 

We use cookies to improve user experience. When we understand how visitors interact with our website, we can improve it. The data collected through cookies can help us fix errors, enhance the site’s performance, know how many people are interested in our work, and understand the type of content that our visitors like.


We use four different types of cookies on our website:

  1. Google Analytics: We use one of the services that Google offers to help site owners and administrators understand and analyse the performance of their site. Google Analytics does provide us with information about your behaviour and actions on the website without revealing your identity, name, or personal details. Your behaviour, for example, could mean the amount of time you spent on our site, the subpages you visited, the links you clicked on, and where you found our website. If you wish to know about Google’s privacy policy and practices, visit the following link:

  2. Click-through links: when you subscribe to our newsletter, some of the emails you receive will contain hyperlinks and clickable items. Those links are tracked by the email marketing tool before landing you on our website or any other website. Click-through links are added to the newsletter to provide us with insights about your responses and interaction with its content without disclosing your identity or personal details.


Please note that if you share any of our website content on social media, or click a link on our site that will take you to a third-party site, cookies will be sent to your device by the social media network you use or the third-party site you visit, and not by our website. Thus, you may need to check the cookie policy and practices of those sites before you visit or use them, and it is your responsibility to do so. 

Leaders International’s website may contain social media buttons that link to its social media networks and videos that stream through Youtube or other video sharing site. Leaders International has no control of any kind on the cookie practices of those sites.

You can always disable cookies through your internet browser’s settings, which will disallow us and other sites from saving or reading cookie-related data.