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A look into the present and future of smart agriculture

Cities everywhere are opting to incorporate smart technologies to solve some of their most pressing issues, from transportation to healthcare. Similarly, agriculture has emerged as another component that can be significantly enhanced through the utilisation of “smart systems” and then successfully integrated within the wider picture of smart cities.


Telehealth to make cities smarter

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the ways in which medical services can be provided in an unprecedented manner. On short notice, hospitals had to endure unusual strain on their services; which ultimately led to supply shortages and a great reduction in the number of patients who could be admitted to their facilities.


Digital for Development (D4D)

While working on details, we keep an eye on the big picture. We think long-term to overcome short-term setbacks and design our projects according to “what’s next”. In the fast-paced and connected world of today, digitalisation is the catalyst to inclusive growth and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Digital defines how we see and think about the future and how we work to increase the competitiveness of developing economies, create job opportunities, and speed innovation.